Multiple Sites

The project included three sites.  The first site was an LPG Marine Terminal including LPG ship unloading facilities connecting quayside to onshore storage, the onshore storage itself, truck loading facilities and several buildings.  The other two sites were identical. They consisted of truck loading and unloading facilities, LPG storage, a small building and a firewater pond.  Roadways for trucks, paving and drainage was required at each site.

Design Solutions

For the marine terminal, Polaris designed the foundations for multiple 90,000-gallon LPG bullets, as well as an underground pipeline with an over water pipe bridge crossing that was required to conduct the LPG from the ship to the storage bullets.  Design specifications included drainage and paving, and roadways to support heavy LPG truck traffic.

The requirements at the two-truck loading unloading stations were similar, but without the marine component and with the addition of the design of a firewater pond.  Civil 3D Software was utilized in the design of all roads, including tank farm access and truck lanes, and firewater ponds.

Compliance with International Standards

Using on-site field trips and in cooperation within country resources such as subcontractors and engineers, Polaris was able to provide all civil and structural engineer and design for this project on time and in compliance with local, Belizean standards.

Scope of Work

Civil Structural


January 2019 – Present


Marine & Port Facilities, Industrial Storage & Terminals


Central America