Logistical Challenge

The combination of geographical location, quantity of large vessels, availability of construction consumables, and aggressive schedule presented a logistical challenge for the Polaris team.

Deliberate Fabrication Sequencing

The piping was designed in the Lake Charles Engineering Office, fabricated in the Sulphur Fabrication Shop, and packaged for delivery overseas.  Designing the piping in the correct sequence for installation presented a challenge, requiring an enormous attention to detail and significant coordination with the Field Construction Team.  Engineering worked remotely with the Field Construction Manager to determine the best way to ensure quality installation.

 Polaris developed a deliberate sequence for the solicitation of the fabrication and delivery to ensure delivery of the 19 large LPG bullets on schedule. Selected vessels were fabricated first, and strategically located on the delivery ships for efficient offloading and handling.  Our experienced team was meticulous in optimizing the bill of materials to make certain the material was correct when delivered and we engineered alternatives using available materials.

Project Success

The Polaris team delivered the project on schedule.  The LPG vessels were delivered and set safely, including the ancillary equipment and are in operation today!

Scope of Work

Mechanical & Piping


January 2019 – Present


Marine & Port Facilities, Industrial Storage & Terminals


Central America