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Many of our EPC opportunities lend themselves to Polaris providing the full turnkey service of Operations and Maintenance to the project . We have robust capabilities to provide Operating and Maintenance services for new facilities we construct or existing facilities we revamp in our EPC business.   We consider operability as a key component of everything we design.


Polaris provides team leadership with 30+ years of energy industry experience, focusing primarily on operations and maintenance planning, execution and optimization.  Our network of experienced industry professionals provides Subject Matter Expert (SME) support to develop, implement and continually optimize facility operations and maintenance to efficiently achieve the customer’s objectives for safety, regulatory compliance, process optimization, reliability, crude and product flexibility, and profitability.


  • Capital Project and Turnaround Support – work with Customer and their Contractors to support future project and maintenance turnaround activities, including work permitting, tie-in planning, maintenance work lists, and input to planning and scheduling activities.
  • Commissioning and Start-up – work with Customer to efficiently commission all equipment, safely start up facility, and ramp-up operation to achieve facility performance requirements.
  • Emergency Outages – As part of our routine maintenance services, we provide support to our clients in the event of an Emergency Outage. Polaris can provide manpower, equipment, and engineering to ensure our clients facility is back in operation in short order.
  • Facilities Inspections – Polaris performs due diligence inspections on various types of Process units to determine the condition and lifespan of the unit. We can perform this service on units that may still be in operation or have been decommissioned for long periods of time.
  • Front-end Estimating – development of fixed and variable cost estimates, including strategies to align Polaris and Customer, maximizing cost efficiency within desired risk profile and operating flexibility.
  • Organization – recruiting, selection, training and management of operating and maintenance staff critical to successful commissioning and reliable long-term facility operation.
  • Operations and Maintenance – manage all aspects of routine operations and maintenance to meet or exceed all safety, regulatory and operating goals. Continuously optimize facility in concert with Customer input and involvement to fully define facility capabilities as the basis for optimizing profitability.
  • Procedures and Training – development of operating and maintenance procedures, and overall training program to meet all facility and regulatory requirements.