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Polaris got its start by offering high quality process engineering consulting services to clients eager to debottleneck their operations and increase their productivity. As a result, process engineering continues to be a pivotal service for us.

Consulting services can have a dramatic effect on the efficiency and profitability of an industrial facility, helping that facility meet its full potential. Process engineers help companies debottleneck their operations, optimize performance, reduce labor costs, and make the most of maintenance and upgrades.

Polaris process consultants carefully evaluate a facility, analyze different systems and processes and look for strategic ways to debottleneck operations and enhance efficiency. Our engineering consulting services help clients determine the best use of their resources and assist with strategic decisions.  We identify and diagnosis problems or shortfalls, analyze processes and systems for weak spots, develop strategies to resolve issues, and assist the facility in implementing and establishing these changes. We ensure compliance with environmental standards and permits.

Benchmarking/Test Runs:

Polaris can come into your facility and conduct a test run. Our consultants will develop a test run plan in conjunction with Operations and Technical personnel.  Results of the test run will be used to develop a Heat and Material (H&M) Balance.  These data will be used to perform equipment and piping assessments for the purposes of identifying constraints within the unit/complex/facility.  From these assessments, we determine the operationally stable production limit of the unit, facility, or complex and develop options to meet the client’s specific needs.

Debottlenecking/Revamp Experience:

Polaris has extensive experience with assessing equipment performance and identifying constraints which are limiting capacity.  This process allows us to develop cost effective options for increasing throughput.

We have more than 100 years of in-house experience in all aspects of plant engineering and design.