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Over 30 Constructed to date and in operation around the world.

Polaris designs and builds “Hands-On-Training” (HOT) Units for both Process Technology (PTEC) Departments at Universities and Basic Operator Training (BOT) Programs in Industry (patent pending).

Realistic, Practical Training in all Types of Facilities:

Polaris HOT Units are engineered and built to industry specifications, providing a real life-sized experience on equipment, valves, instrumentation, and piping that is the same that operators will need to work with in real world plants.

Our units are fully functional, providing pumps, control valves, PLC controllers, heat exchanger, heater, air cooler, sample stations, and lots of instrumentation.

Comprehensive Training Materials:

We provide a curriculum of operating manuals, procedures, and training exercises to support structured learning of common operations tasks.

Polaris partners with Systran, to help companies empower employees through job-specific training and clear, readily available documentation, ensuring your plant or project is a safe and accident-free place to work.  Check us out at:  https://www.systraninc.com

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