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Polaris is poised to lead the on-site energy revolution. We provide high quality engineering solutions that optimize efficiency and integrate smoothly with our clients’ business processes. Our aim is to help our clients get their new onsite power systems up quickly and efficiently, with a smooth transition between old and new systems, and a careful, well-planned implementation process. Our cutting-edge technology, experience, and engineering expertise has allowed us to implement on-site power systems for companies on the global stage.


  • Energy Assessments – as an “integrator” Polaris can understand each client’s site needs. These needs are specific to each client and dictate the right solution for each client.
  • Renewable Integrations – in today’s every changing energy landscape, we have the tools and expertise to fully understand the impacts of integrating renewables into one’s energy production capabilities. What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate into efficient operations as the entire power system has to work together.  Renewable integration is complicated and takes experience and expertise.
  • Off-grid Installations – not relying on the public utility is a challenge, but also an opportunity in many locations. We have the requisite experience to demonstrate that off-grid installations are oftentimes more efficient, reliable and cost effective than grid power.
  • Combined Heat and Power – by utilizing energy that is typically wasted, greater efficiencies and cost savings are realized. CHP projects have great paybacks and are becoming an industry standard.

Alternative Fuels:

  • CNG
  • SNG
  • LNG
  • LPG
  • Etc…

Polaris, founded on Process Engineering, has the experience to analyze each type of fuel available and to ascertain the best fuel fit for each client.