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Process engineering has been the strength and cornerstone of our business. Our process engineering assignments have ranged from coast to coast and north to south in the continental United States and have even spilled over the border to include assignments in Canada, Central and South America, Europe and beyond. Originally focused on crude oil refining, our process expertise has translated well into other industries, such as: petro-chemical, chemical, oil and gas exploration and production, power, and even rum!

Most successful projects start off with a sound project basis – which is a good place to start.  Often, our starting point is only a concept.  We help our client get to that “good place to start.”  Working with our clients, we do the heavy lifting to form a sound technical and economic basis for the client’s concept.  This may include field work and test runs, cost estimating potential solutions, evaluating operational practices or technology, and more.  Once the project basis is formed, we’re ready to go.  We investigate “current state,” conduct preliminary analysis, and provide options, recommendations, and opportunities. These capabilities are rooted in a strong understanding of Process Engineering Fundamentals and the ability to apply them, coupled with our collective experience in dozens of Process Industrial facilities.


  • Ability to define conceptual, extreme front-end ideas with limited information.
  • Ability to solve long term, chronic process problems.


  • Plant Expansions
  • Troubleshooting
  • Benchmarking
  • Pressure Protection System Evaluation/Design
  • Process Simulation
  • Regulatory (Environmental) Compliance Support
  • Process Unit Start-up and Commissioning
  • Operation Procedure Development


  • Licensed and Experienced Process Engineers
  • Experienced Process Operators
  • Simulation Expertise
  • Software
    • Honeywell Unisim Process Simulator
    • HYSYS